The gorgeous Julio with his new Silver and Diamond dog tag.

Here is a couple of lovely pictures of Mr Fatty Cat wearing his new Monty Stock London luxury pet tag.  Mr Fatty Cat is very busy at the moment writing a book and having to dodge the paparazzi - he says when Mario Testing has finished shooting him for GQ Magazine he'll be available for other modelling assignments....such a diva!

IMG 1969 1

We are excited to be exhibiting our Luxury Pet Tags at the UK's leading Jewellery Trade Exhibition which takes place from 3-5 September 2017 at Olympia London.

Our stand number is Q138 and we will have on show the full Monty Stock London collection of Sterling Silver pet ID tags, hand-set with a real diamond and presented in our gorgeous signature gift packaging.

If you are a Jewellery Retailer looking for something totally new and different to offer your customers or a pet retailer/e-tailer, please come along and visit us.

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We all love to get great pictures of our pets and according to Flickr, cats and dogs are among the most searched for terms in their community.

It can be really tricky to get the type of shots you want but the most important thing is to stay calm and have fun - your pet will immediately pick up any signs of stress or impatience!

  • Get your equipment ready in advance with perhaps a few treats to hand.
  • If you're photographing your dog, it's always best to go for a walk first to burn off excess energy.
  • Avoid using a flash with pets - natural light works so much better and a flash often results in 'red eye'.  If you're taking pictures indoors, use a room which has a lot of natural light or take pictures against a light coloured wall.
  • Choose your environment carefully and avoid clutter.  One or two well chosen props or a simple, stylish blanket to create a background will work well.  For cats, a lovely basket can really work, especially as your cat may feel more secure in an enclosed setting.
  • Get down to your pet's level - maybe lie on the floor on your stomach to really get into their world.  
  • You know your pet better than anyone so try to get pictures that express their unique personality.
  • Try not to shout out instructions - silly noises or a squeaky toy can be great to get an animals attention.
  • Some of the best pictures are when you manage to catch your pet unaware.
  • Keep your photography session reasonably short - most pets will get bored with it pretty quickly!


Welcome to Monty Stock London, showcasing our beautiful, luxury Sterling Silver pet tags which are all set with a real diamond. Each piece carries a UK hallmark and your pet tag will arrive in our fabulous gift packaging which includes a satin pouch, ribbon-tied gift box, a soft polishing cloth and a gift bag, making your purchase extra special.

The inspiration for the collection was due to several of our friends mentioning that they would like to purchase a tag for their dog which was a bit more special than the usual ones on offer in pet shops and vets. We began researching pet tags and realised there is very little (if anything!) available made from a precious metal (and maybe nothing with a real diamond) and so we were inspired to create a special collection of unique, covetable pet tags.

We have many years’ experience designing both jewellery and packaging so hope you will love our pet tags as much as we do. They are crafted from 925 Sterling Silver – they are not stamped from a metal sheet like most dog tags. Each piece is individually cast, coated with a layer of rhodium and then hand polished. Rhodium is a rare, bright precious metal (part of the Platinum group of metals) and is used by manufacturers of high-end silver and white-gold jewellery as it protects against tarnishing and gives a lovely bright finish.

We offer free engraving on all of our pet tags – you can choose from two different font styles – Vanessa, which is a script, or Clarendon, which is a block-style.

All of our tags come complete with a stainless steel split ring to make it easy to attach to your dog’s or cat’s collars.

Thank you to all our friends and family for bring along their pets for our photography sessions – these were really fun days and we managed to shoot some fantastic images!